Praticing Dying

“Death is the on-rushing fact of your life”. So said a Trappist monk to me on a bright Spring morning. He continued, smiling, “and that is no tragedy. The purpose of your life is to accept the proximity, the certainty, the beauty that this will soon end”.

Thirteen songs. There were many more. Perhaps a sequel: “Dying”. Followed by “Still Dying”, “On His Last Legs”, “Dead” and finally “Dennis Who”?

Thanks to Charlie Braun, who produced and arranged this songs, in helping bring these songs to….life.

Some of the songs are personal, about people I have known, others offer imagined glimpses into the world of the still well-known  (Eisenhower, Ginger Rogers), the once famous (Cleveland “Cat” Williams)

and the unknown (“This House”).  Thanks to  Nick Reding for the wonderful book “Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town”. From that book comes “Our Town”.

I would be honored if you listened and I would love to hear from you.

1.    Practicing Dying

2.    Lucy in the Sky

3.    This House

4.    Deliver Me

5.    Our Town

6.    Queen of the House

7.    Flying Down to Rio

8.    Time To Go

9.    Appointed Hour

10.  Closer to Death

11.  Eisenhower on the Beach

12.  Her Life

13.  Death Came By

Besides Charlie, other folks who helped out:

Eric Roth on Cello (11,12)

Dan Belmont on piano and organ (4)

Julie Starr on vocals (2,6)

Eric Lee on Fiddle (9)

Recorded at Other Side of the Tracks Studio, Northampton, Ma

Mastered by Dan Richardson, “Up in the Basement”.